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Why use a Realtor?

If you try selling your own home then you are only working with 15% of the buyers in the market which could be your neighbors or investors looking for a steal. According to the National Association of Realtors statistics, if you are able to succeed in selling then chances are you are selling for $41,000 less than working with a Realtor. You will also have to deal with the stress, safety, perhaps less of an expertise on the legalities and so much more. Consulting with a Realtor does not cost anything but your time and just imagine how much you stand to gain.

Should tenants use Realtors?
There are many scams out there where potential tenants are looking for Rentals through unverified third party websites. Crooks are ready to pounce on an unsuspected person looking to just have a nice home.
However if the person has a Realtor then the Agent will do their best to make sure all the information is represented correctly. Even if you don’t use a Realtor then somehow you should try to take these precautions.
Check the Tax Roll to make sure you are talking to the owner and make sure all owners are in agreement with the rental.
Make sure the property does not have any liens or foreclosures. 
These are just some of the safe guards that can be used in order to not be scammed. A profession can alleviate future problems and the nice thing about is that in the State of Florida, most Brokers or Realtors do not charge the tenant. So it does not cost anything to be safe.

Mortgage Tips - Increase your credit score

Here are some great tips on how to raise or keep your credit score

Do not max out your credit card

It is fine to use credit cards just do not max it out. When score is being taken into consideration the creditors want to make sure that you are paying off on time. Perhaps a rule can be not to keep the balance to over 30%. 

Pay down your balance every month if possible

Try paying ahead of the statement date. You might want to put an automatic payment ahead of the due date for the minimum amount and then you can alway add to it. 

Check your credit report annually

You may have collections on there which you may not be aware of. Did you know that if you are in dispute with your medical bills or if you have an outstanding bill that the insurance has not paid yet on, there is a possibility that it maybe put on your credit report without you knowing about it. 

Try minimizing credit applications

Scoring systems may ignore multiple requests for the same type of loan, treating them as one request within a scoring timeframe (typically 30 to 45 days), but with other systems you have variable days.

You need credit

Do not live under the assumption that you don’t owe money so you should have no problem getting a loan. This is great if you have a good credit history but keep in mind a Credit Report can only report on Credit usage. Have 4 major credit cards is a good number. Auto Installments are great but it does count towards your debt.

Use your credit cards periodically

Many credit card companies close out your account if there is no activity and even lower your credit limit. Try using it even for a small purchase every six months.



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